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Steel Fabrication Supplier

Locations: Sherman, TX

Employment Type: Full Time



Thank you for your interest in becoming a steel fabrication partner with Modular Power Solutions. Please complete the application and a member of our team will contact you for more information.
Please answer the following questions via an attachment in the “Resume/CV” section or in the “ADDITIONAL INFORMATION” section:

1. Are you an ISO 9001 company? If so, please attach proof of ISO 9001 certification. 

2. Do you currently have a QA/QC program in place? If so, please explain the program.  

3. Do you have any physical size limitations?  
a) Can you accommodate broken sheet steel 148” and under?  
b) Are you capable of building C8 or C12 base frames with tubing structure 4’ to 12’ wide and up to 60’ long and 13’ high? 
4. Do you use a CnC machine or manual? 

5. Do you use Powder-Coating or Paint booth? 
a) If paint booth, what is the size? 

6. List your welding certifications. 

Please include and/or attach any additional information we should know.